All About Tim


I’ve spent years working hard, I worked my way up and up through the ranks of various media organisations.

So why in the middle of a very successful career would I suddenly switch to something so dramatically different?


With my son getting ill – I suddenly had something in my life that I couldn’t control. Without hypnosis I don’t think I’d have coped.

I also couldn’t believe how effective it was.

And how fast!


I’ve been working for years ever since, helping people and developing my craft.

I’ve built on my early learning and developed a blend of treatment using a combination of hypnosis (therapy), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. I noticed patterns and preferences in learning – I noticed that we all have the
same inbuilt reactions to life and the ability to switch off that behaviour if we want. We just need help to work out how to do it. It was my Eureka moment.


So I’m now able to share everything with you.

I have managed to understand how to locate our in-built Stop Switch; to help stop anxieties and insecurities, stop smoking, stop overeating or underperforming and stop any number of addictive traits and behaviours, e.g. drink / drugs / gambling / sex. We all have a Stop Switch but aren’t always able to access (unlock) it on our own. But I think I have found the key.