So, what is hypnosis?


The safe and ethical use of hypnosis is called hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is the induction of an altered state of awareness and hypnotherapy is the process to positively influence what we have stored in our subconscious once in that state.

Once we have accessed the subconscious in this safe and relaxing way we can learn how to react more appropriately and make better behavioural choices in nearly any given situation.

When you have your subconscious mind on your side you can do pretty much anything and STOP doing all kinds of things too!


So how does it work?

It’s all about making the right connections.

We make the right connections by first understanding that our brain is made up of three parts and influencing how they interact.

  1. the thinking part — neo cortex
  2. the doing part — limbic
  3. the being part — cerebellum

To cut a (very) long story short our beliefs, experiences and memories form a complex circuit in our unconscious.

The more we do something, the stronger those connections become to help us to remember to keep doing it without thinking (on a given impulse). This is called habit.

This is really useful for remembering when to run away from a genuinely dangerous situation, but not great if for example we experience a bumpy flight at 30,000ft and the unconscious tells us to run away (because we trigger a bad memory of a previous unpleasant flight experience).


Hypnotherapy is a simple process to help us stop the bad stuff automatically by creating new circuits and connections through simple positive suggestion and repetition (once in the right state of mind).

And that’s where my Stop Switch comes in!

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