Hurrah! You've found it!


Everyone of us has an in-built Stop Switch; the ability to pause momentarily and then make a better, more informed choice in how we react to any situation, event, person, mood or emotion.

But not all of us know how to access that switch so we keep doing the same old rubbish over and over!

We can find ourselves doing the same things every day that we probably wish we didn’t do, like bad habits, maybe indulging a little too much, smoking, stressing, catastrophising….you name it.

Consciously we know what not to do, but we still do it anyway!


I’ve dedicated the last 10 years to understanding what that mechanism is, and why some people are better with self control than others.

I’ve developed a powerful and effective method of letting you access your own Stop Switch through a simple programme of logic and science-based research which will provide you with the practical steps and the theory to help you affect your own rapid behaviour change.


Now I’ve used 10 years of experiences and thousands of hours practice to create The Stop Switch; a process that gives your subconscious mind all the help you need to stop doing all sorts of stuff.

The Stop Switch is the process you can use to empower yourself to stop doing whatever you want.